Mission Possible

While slowly settling back into my life in Georgia, I’m still constantly thinking about my recent mission trip to Kenya.  My heart remains heavy as I think and pray for the people I encountered during my 14-day journey.

I was fortunate to be among the 10 missioners chosen from St. James United Methodist Church.  St. James UMC partnered with Life for Children Ministry (www.lifeforchildrenministry.org) and built six homes in Western Kenya in the towns of Kisumu and Wachara. Each home was completed in one day and the underlying message after each build was God answered a prayer.  The testimonies were powerful as we witnessed faith in action and restored hope on a daily basis.  From one grandmother smiling for the first time in a long time to another saying she can now go and live with God because she had received a home with a tin roof.

Building homes were only part of the mission.  We also ministered and served a hot meal to the street kids in Kisumu.  The Sunday meal feeding program provided by Life for Children Ministry is sometimes the only meal many of the street kids will receive all week and survival depends on dumpster diving or stealing.

We were also blessed to have the Senior Pastor at St. James UMC, Rev. Dr. Michael T. McQueen, traveling with us and he preached on several occasions.  On one occasion, he preached about “A Dreamer” named Joseph to the parents, students and faculty at Wachara Primary School.  That message resonated with the young and the old and many came running to receive Christ for the first time and for prayer.  It was a powerful moment and an awesome way to end our time in Wachara, Kenya.

Over the 2-week period I witnessed so much poverty.  More than I have ever seen in my life but I also saw God in action throughout the entire trip.  It’s amazing how vivid God was to me while in Kenya.  I know God is at work no less at home, but the busyness of my western lifestyle sometimes cloud my vision.  It was clear to me that I need to be more intentional about seeking God in the busyness of each day.

God took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me experience and see Him anew.  He showed me even in our lack we have so much.  Our time, talent and resources can make a big difference in someone’s life and sharing them will make a big difference in our own.  I encourage anyone who would like to experience God to participate in missions in your community and/or abroad.  Mission is possible and you will be blessed beyond measure.

Click here to view photos from the Kenya mission.


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