Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame……A Family Affair

On the 18th of July 2011, the late Alex Pero, Sr. was one of fourteen inductees into the Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame.

As they spoke of Alex’s staggering 0.00 ERA helping Grambling to the national NAIA baseball tournament and how in 1965 he set a Division II mark for strikeouts per nine innings amongst 50-game starters that to this day remains second all time and how he went on to play for three seasons in the minor leagues I felt so much pride (and I’m just a daughter-in-law).

I know my kids as well as Alex, Jr. was proud of his father as they listened to the accolades. J.C. Pero (Alex, Sr.’s Father), spoke on his behalf in his absence.

This event was definitely a family affair. The families of all the inductees were present to support them as they received this prestigious honor. This was an occasion where our children saw immediate family and extended family at its best. My husband and I grew up surrounded by our family and extended family, but our children are not as fortunate. Grandma and Paw-Paw don’t live around the corner and Auntie and Uncle don’t live down the street. They witnessed and felt the love of Paw-Paw Pero’s immediate family and the extended family he acquired as a result of attending Grambling State University.

The entire evening the inductees spoke of Grambling as their extended family and how they have become the people they are today because of the relationships that were developed at Grambling. You could feel the Tiger pride in the room. Afterwards, my son Jalon said, “I’m so proud to be a Pero” I asked why and he said, “because there is a clan of Pero’s here and because of the award”. After the ceremony, he was on a mission to get as many inductee autographs as he could. He was encouraged by all he met to get good grades and do well in school. It is Jalon’s dream in life to be as good as his grandfather was in baseball. Who knows? Maybe he’ll tap into Paw-Paw Pero’s baseball genes.

Later that evening, in the hotel lobby Frank Garnett, Robert Williams and others gathered around and reminised of their baseball days at Grambling. It was amazing to me that they could remember games in such detail, like who was on first and second base and how the play unfolded. I stood in awe of it all listening to the stories.

I visited Grambling one other time when I was a little girl so it was good to see the campus again as an adult. If you are ever in the area, a visit to the campus and the Eddie Robinson Museum is worth a stop.

Overall, it was a very good time in Grambling. View more photos here.


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