The Moore’s, The Merrier, Inc.

Meet Jason and Kemmah Moore, founders of The Moore’s, The Merrier, Inc.. It’s a Couples Club for married couples and engaged couples who are seriously considering marriage soon. They have planned events from dinners to camping and more. Who said married folks couldn’t have fun? I think their concept is awesome and refreshing, especially in this day and time. Jason shared, “My wife and I had a vision to just see couples happy! We hear too many horror stories of the marriages that fail, but these days it’s so easy to give up. I speak to the Elders sometimes and although they’ve been married 50+ years, they also experienced trial and tribulation like any other couple today…..but they fought to make it last. Of course, you gotta have God in the mix to make that happen, or it’s a total loss anyway!” For more information about this organization and to see the types of activities they have planned monthly, visit their website by clicking on their picture above.


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