Where in the World? Day 9

Hello friends! I missed a day of blogging because I couldn’t get an internet connection. We arrived in Venice on yesterday and yes, another WOW moment. Every couple should visit Venice. It’s just like in the movies, so romantic! Everywhere you go in Venice you must travel by foot or boat. It’s just beautiful. This place causes me to miss my husband even more. Only a couple more days my love!

Yesterday we met with Johnathon Mayer, a local photographer to discuss “Seeing Creatively” and last night we took a boat ride.

Today we visited a glass maker in Murano in then we were free to shop and roam.

The food has been hit or miss. I had one excellent pizza in Florence and my meal tonight at the restaurant next to Hotel Roberta was excellent! It has been the best meal so far, but I don’t know the name of the restaurant. When I return home I don’t want to see a pizza or pasta for a couple of months. I’m craving a BIG, juicy American burger and fries or a
med-well Ribeye steak and a loaded baked potatoe and a BIG American breakfast. Bacon, eggs, grits, toast, etc…. What can I say? I’m an All-American Girl!

We are rising early in the morning for our last stop. It’s a 3.5 hr drive. Until next time….Ciao!


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  1. Lynn Vandenburg

    Well cuz, This is the reason I spent my 50th Birthday in Italy. It was spectacular and then some to bad your husband could not join you. We are planning another 2 week tour there for my 60th Birthday. Enjoy each picture postcard moment just for you. I am so happy you have this opportunity can’t wait to share experiences when you return. Lynn

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