Where in the world? Day 6

Today we took a walking tour around Florence. Florence is such a lovely place and I would love to visit again someday. There is so much rich history and art in Florence. I had several a light bulb moments today. I have heard people say, but I realized today that there truly is a greater appreciation for the arts here. Basically, the art is the way of life and the people move, work, live amongst it. I love their lifestyle!

I saw the original, Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’ Accademia Firenze. It was absolutely amazing to see it in person. The detail of this sculpture had me in awe! The other thing I realized was how art is used to preserve history. Not that I didn’t know that already, I just had another moment (when I really got it). Around Florence there are so many works of art that tell stories of times past. There is so much symbolism in the art and history in the details. It’s been an amazing day! Ciao!



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2 responses to “Where in the world? Day 6

  1. im so jealous right now seeing that photo. I have always wanted to see that church in person. did u take any photos of the large tower next to it?

  2. dorella


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