Maternity Shoot with The Joneses

The lovely Jone’-Marie Jones and husband/Trumpeter Melvin Jones spent the day with me capturing a few precious moments. They are expecting their first child next month. (Styling by Toy Johnson, Red Carpet Ready)

Melvin will be playing the Atlanta Jazz Festival Memorial Day Weekend. Visit his website to find out where he’ll be.



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6 responses to “Maternity Shoot with The Joneses

  1. Regina

    OMG!!! Such Great Photos!!! Melvin that last photo should be on an album cover or something. I see u lookin all sauve and stuff ( : Jay you’re pregnant and still look good and have cute outfits that look good on you. I can’t find clothes that look good on me and I’m not pregnant. ( :

  2. Sheree

    Jone’-Marie & Melvin,

    Congratulations & the photos are absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. russelle dennis

    those pictures are great Tameka!

  4. Gena

    Adorable! Happy parents make a happy baby!

  5. Nan Binder-Smoth

    Wowsers!! Genuine loving so artfully captured. Annie Leibovitz might have done this shoot, and yet, she’s not known for inviting us into such joy. Every one of these phootigraphs expresses that the subjects have what everyone wants: to love life, to love each other. J and Melvin , using their spiritual gifts to welcome Baby; J,her whole self a melodious instrument of joy and Melvin , a musician’s musician playing to Baby and playing with his wife and Baby. Yes , thanks to all “four artists” for sharing this with all of us. We need this genuine love and joy every day!

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