I went to Miami, FL to support the New Orleans Saints as they played for the very first time in Superbowl XLIV. I also took advantage of the time there to document history in pictures and….alright….PARTY! It was a great time!!!

I’m convinced there aren’t any fans like the SAINTS fans. I would estimate there were about 7 Saints fans to each Colt fan. Several of the Colt fans had the audacity to chant, “Who Dat?, We Dat!”. I told them to make up their own chant! Maybe something like….Go Team Go, Way to Go Colts or something to that effect could work for them. I didn’t see anyone I knew personally, but it was like a family reunion. If you were wearing Black and Gold you were greeted like family….”WHO DAT?”

Ocean Drive was literally transformed into a replica of Bourbon Street and the headquarters for the Saints Fans was Fat Tuesday (I wonder why?). Fat Tuesday was packed inside and out the entire weekend. All the major networks were setup on the beach. From ESPN to Oxygen, they were all there and I was right there in the mix.



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3 responses to “MY WHO DAT WEEKEND!!!

  1. furthurmoe

    lets see some more photos! Oh yea and I’m super jealous you were down there.

  2. I plan to put pictures up soon.

  3. Very cool! I went home for the game. Loved it!!!

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