"Train Ride" Photos Hanging Again

I was offered an opportunity by Sheryl Robertson, Director at the Independent Study Academy in Alpharetta, GA to hang some of my work. Three pieces of the “Train Ride” series now hang in the lobby of the Academy. The image of the bedroom was just awarded 3rd place in Atlanta Celebrates Photography pin-up show at the Piedmont Park Community Center, Atlanta, GA.



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5 responses to “"Train Ride" Photos Hanging Again

  1. Tiffany Bayona

    I loved this final four of yours!
    HDR can either look amazing or come off as kitsch-y.
    But you made it look very classy and ethereal.

  2. Gerald

    congrats Tameka.

  3. Lisa Cave

    Ditto what Tiffany said. I loved the series too! Congrats on getting to hang somewhere!

  4. Cooper Ricketts

    wow awsome Tameka

  5. Russelle Dennis

    Your moving right along Tameka! Congrats!!

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